Insurance Benefit Plan

It is getting more difficult to find quality Affordable Health insurance!
The facts are staggering and most people do not even know about them. The number of uninsured continues to rise and there are many different reasons why this phenomenon occurs in the United States at this time. Many factors have to do with the current economic situation in the States, but there are also other problems that plague this system failure.

One of the primary reasons that more people are becoming uninsured is due to the rise in the unemployment rate. Most people who are collecting unemployment can not afford to pay life insurance or health insurance premiums and even with COBRA and the government supplement for COBRA payments these payments are still way to high for most people to maintain. In essence they are being forced into becoming uninsured or looking online for cheap insurance quotes!

Another reason for the growing number of uninsured Americans is the fact that more students are not eligible for health insurance through their parents and have to go without health insurance. In a struggling economy, students live in the low-income category and with increasing overhead costs of living they are struggling to maintain their daily life expenses, even without having to pay health insurance premiums.

The current economy is not the only reason why Americans are canceling their health insurance. Many are also under the impression that the health care plan from the government will cover them, so they no longer need to have health insurance on their own. This is not the case given that not only will the health care proposal not take full effect for several years but this plan is not free for most of the population. As a matter of fact, many people may have to pay more as a result of the new plan.

Overall, the increasing number or uninsured will be a problem both by increasing costs of health insurance across the board today, and on the road. It is important for all Americans to realize that they need to maintain health insurance until the government’s plan takes effect and will not start canceling their plans with the hope that the future holds. The possibility of U.S. health care system is yet to be determined.